How to Write a Thoughtful Greeting Card Message

June 03, 2023

How to write a thoughtful card message

How to write a thoughtful greeting card message


Crafting a thoughtful message to write on a greeting card can be a challenge for most people. When we sit down to write something from the heart, some of us suddenly experience writer’s block and find it challenging to think about what we want to tell the recipient. 

If you often find yourself in this situation, here are seven tips to help you write a thoughtful greeting card message.

Write your message on a spare piece of paper first

Never start writing on the card until you’ve crafted the perfect message. This will allow you to write a perfect message. You can cross out sections you’ve written that you don’t like or if you make a mistake, you’re not going to ruin the whole card. When writing your message, don’t try to write it perfectly the first time. Use the piece of paper to scribble down notes that come to mind, memories you’ve shared or things you love most about the person. These messages don’t have to be perfect, as you’ll find, once you have written several short notes, you can merge some of them to make a thoughtfully written message.

Why are you giving them a card? 

The easiest way to begin crafting the perfect card message is to think about why you’re giving them a card in the first place. Are you thanking them, sending them well wishes, or celebrating their birthday? Start crafting your message with the purpose in mind. This usually helps to begin a flow of thoughts.

Give yourself time

Most people make the mistake of leaving the task of writing a card to the last minute. When you’re under pressure, your brain freezes because you’re in a rush and have the pressure of time on your mind. This generally leads to a poorly written card with a generic saying because it’s all you could think of at the time. When you have plenty of time to think, you can reminisce on past experiences or think about what you love about that person or a future wish for them.

Don’t overthink it

Sometimes you can overthink the task at hand and make it seem more complicated than it is. In some circumstances, writing a message that says exactly what you want to tell them is more than enough. This is particularly appropriate for thank you card messages.

Add a personal touch

An easy way to write a nice message is to remind the person about a memory or moment you’ve experienced together. Reminiscing about past experiences will fill the recipient’s mind and heart with fond memories, and because only you’ve shared those experiences, it’s a truly personal message.

Write from the heart

There’s nothing more wonderful than receiving a heartfelt message fill with loving words. You know the person has poured their feelings into writing the message, and when you read it, it feels like they’ve wrapped their arms around you, even if they’re not with you in person. Don’t shy away from pouring your heart out in words. There’s a clear distinction between a generic greeting card message that has been copied from a website to a personal message filled with love and heartfelt thoughts.

Check spelling 

Lastly, before writing your message on the card, be sure to check your spelling. There’s nothing worse than discovering an error in your message after you’ve written it.

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