Jun 22, 2023

Mastering Art Pricing: A Concise Guide for Artists
by Lee Down  01-06-2023
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May 11, 2023

During the early 2010s, people believed that ecards and social media messaging would take over the greeting card industry, replacing cards for non-personal electronic images. This has since faded and greeting cards were found to be as important as before.

There is a certain feeling of excitement you get when you receive a greeting card. In fact, the Royal mail even carried out a scientific study on the difference between receiving cards and receiving online messages.


Jan 5, 2022

Question most asked is "How did you come up with this idea?".

Many people have the desire to get out there and do something fun, but they just don't know how to come up with something different.  There is a way. It is called "Thinking outside the box". This may come natural to some, but to others, not so much.  

As a High School Entrepreneurship Instructor back in the early 2000s, I discovered from the text books that this method can be learned.  It was one of my most…

Jan 1, 2022

Back in the 80s when I was a Unit Supervisor at Philip Morris there was young hourly worker who worked under me who was my best worker. Even while being in this male dominated industry he had so much respect and consideration for any thing I said and did...even when I made some mistakes, and I did make mistakes. He  was always there ready and willing to do what ever he needed to do to make my job easier. It seemed kindness was his motto. Time moved on and I am not sure what ever happened to…